Benefits of Cabinet Refacing

Give your kitchen or bathroom a cost-effective face lift! Here are some benefits of cabinet refacing.

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Kitchen Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

For any homeowner that has renovated their kitchen, they will tell you that it was not a piece of cake! Make your project easier by avoiding these mistakes!

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Types of Wood That Stain Well and Tips for Staining Them

Once you’ve chosen a type of wood that works well with stain, there are some tips that you should keep mind whether you are staining a cedar deck or your kitchen cabinets.

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Kitchen Countertop Comparisons

Countertop materials range all across the spectrum, but whatever you decide on for a material, it should be a reflection of your lifestyle and personality.

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Cabinet Refacing & Refinishing: Alternatives to Replacing Cabinets

Cabinet Refacing & Refinishing dramatically change the look of your cabinetry without having to tear the existing cabinets out.

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Selecting the Right Wood Finish for Cabinets

If you want to get a fresh, new, wood look to your kitchen cabinets, floors or even furniture, then staining is the way to go.

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Must-Have Cabinet Accessories for Your Kitchen

Having the right kitchen cabinet accessories will provide you with practical and useful solutions for your needs in the kitchen.

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6 Things to Consider Before Installing a Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands can provide that much needed, extra counter space your kitchen is lacking, but if you’re thinking about installing one there are some things to consider first.

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Tips & Tricks for Staining Wood

Here are some tips and trick for staining wood that will give you the results you desire.

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Best Ways to Repair Nicks and Scratches in Wood

Try as you may, scratches and nicks are inevitable when dealing with anything made out of wood. But don't despair! There are some easy ways of repairing this type of superficial damage...

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