February 8, 2016

If your kitchen shows signs of ageing, giving it a makeover is one of the best bang-for-your-buck projects that you can undertake to bring it back to life. With some rudimentary skills, it’s possible for you to dramatically change the look of your kitchen without a costly overhaul. Even a few fundamental changes that you do whatever you want to update

February 3, 2016

Choosing to renovate your home is a big decision and financial commitment. Homeowners are looking for renovations that will create a great living space for years to come or something that will help them with the resale purchase price. In both of these instances, choosing environmentally friendly renovation designs and decorations have become extremely desirable do whatever you want to update

January 22, 2016

Mould and mildew in the home can be at best annoying and at worst dangerous to our health, and with an increased focus on energy efficiency, we are finding that mildew and mould cases are rising. Once of the major factors in the appearance of mould and mildew is lack of ventilation – often as do whatever you want to update

January 8, 2016

The staff at Trends Wood Finishing know first hand how difficult it is to find extra storage space in a bathroom – where space is already at a premium! But no need to worry; the clever solutions below will help you find additional space in a small bathroom. Maximizing Storage Space Inside Bathroom Cabinets Doing do whatever you want to update

January 4, 2016

Building an oven into a wood cabinet is a great way to save space in any kitchen, and it creates a nice clean look. The unit is usually built under or above the cabinets and provides an ideal storage space for all of your cookware. Unlike a regular free-standing range, a built-in oven is surrounded do whatever you want to update

December 14, 2015

So you want to design a new kitchen or renovate your existing kitchen? Great news! However, the biggest hang-up that homeowners often have is deciding on a colour scheme for their dream kitchen. There are seven important steps to help you determine a colour scheme for your kitchen. These steps are in no particular order do whatever you want to update

December 9, 2015

If your cabinets have seen better days or even if your cabinets are brand new, the idea of lining them isn’t. Do you need to line your cabinets to protect them from moisture or getting scratched? And is lining your cabinets considered the sanitary thing to do? The Ghost of Vinyl Past Many of us do whatever you want to update

November 30, 2015

Your newly renovated kitchen is everything you ever wanted it to be. You chose every design aspect from the flooring to the countertops and beautiful wood cabinets. Yes, those amazing, beautiful wood cabinets. It was a huge investment, one that you want to protect and keep for a long time. So what should you avoid do whatever you want to update

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