Cabinet Refinishing

Strip and repaint your doors/cabinets to a colour of your choosing at a fraction of the cost of full or partial replacement.

What is Refinishing?

Wood refinishing is the process in which your existing doors/cabinets are stripped and re-painted, to a color of your choosing, and installed back in your kitchen at a fraction of the cost of new cabinets/doors.

What's involved?

To do a proper job of refinishing a damaged or dated cabinet, Trends will do a number of checks and to perform the following steps in the proper order.

First we'll test to see if the cabinet is actually refinishable. A sanding test helps us see if the cabinet will respond to sanding and it also helps us determine if we're using real wood and not laminate.

If the wood survives that test we remove the doors and get started.

We begin by sanding it down to the bare wood. We're careful to sand with the grain and to use appropriate grit sandpapers. We finish by sanding with fine sandpaper and cleaning the surface. The wood frames are sanded as well.

Next it's important to try stain out on a sample. We don't apply stain to the actual piece until we're (you're) happy with it or we'll have to resand.

When we're satisfied with the stain we start on the actual piece and get the detail areas first then complete the rest. We let it soak in, remove any excess and do the same to the wood frame while the board is drying.

Then it's time to add a second coat.

Later, when the pieces are dry, we apply a protective coating that can be sprayed or brushed on. We do at least 2 coats and then let it try. We can then add new handles back on and reassemble the pieces so you can start using and enjoying your refineshed cabinets.

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