December 19, 2016

The kitchen seems to be the main room in the house where space is at an all-time premium. That’s why we at Trends Wood Finishing can offer our expert help to create more space in a room where you think it’s impossible! Below are some of our tips and suggestions on what to install in your kitchen to make better use of cabinet storage space:

1. Pot Hanger Glider

Using a sliding hanger inside one of your cupboards can keep your pots well organized and ready for cooking.

2. Corner Drawers

Even though the corner cupboard area is hard to reach, installing corner drawers can make that space useful again for kitchen tools, utensils or dinnerware. Pie turners are another great idea for how to store your pans.

3. Vertical Spice Pull Out Organiser

Using a vertical pull out drawer can keep your spices neatly organized and out of sight.

4. Cabinet Enders

Put the blank space from cabinet end sides to use by making a thin cabinet to hold small items such as kitchen stationery.

5. Corkboard Door

Installing a corkboard on the inside of your kitchen cupboard door can become a great place to keep notes, receipts and lists.

6. Swing Out Panels

Use that narrow space right in front of your kitchen sink to keep dishwashing tools hidden away and handy for use.

7. Flat Stackers

Using a lower cupboard with horizontal dividers for baking pans and larger dishes will keep them organized and in better condition.

8. Microwave Shelf

Instead of using valuable countertop space to store your microwave, consider installing a microwave shelf to conceal and store this appliance.

9. Open Enders

Not only a great way to utilize your cabinet ends, this open shelving offers a unique spot to keep frequently used utensils, or to display something pretty! Another option is Island Enders, which act as a great way to store frequently used utensils, or small appliances that are heavy and clunky.

10. Window Cabinet

Installing a glass cabinet in front of your kitchen window will offer you more storage space, without decreasing the natural lighting from the outdoors.

11. Ventilated Produce Bins

Installing these bins where a cupboard once was can be a great way to keep produce organized, out of the way and fresher longer.

12. Vertical Wine Rack Inset

Utilize the space between the cupboards and a wall to your advantage by installing a vertical wine rack insert. Not only are they eye-catching, but this under-utilized space becomes super useful!

13. Tilt-Out Trash Bins

Not only do such bins keep your garbage manageable, accessible, but they also act as an efficient and clever way to hide your kitchen’s garbage.

14. Slide Out File Organizer

Installing a creatively designed slide-out file organizer to store recipes books and other literature is ingenious!

15. Sliding Cabinet Doors

These are space-saving, efficient and add a modern look to your kitchen.

For even more tips on how to add more cabinet storage to your kitchen, contact the experts at Trends Wood Finishing today!

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