August 4, 2016

As we pass the halfway stage of 2016, we can begin to evaluate what the major kitchen trends have been so far this year. Oakville homes are known to be very trendy as well as homes in Mississauga, Brampton and all-around greater Toronto area homes too, so it makes sense that residents would want to know more about the latest kitchen design trends of 2016.

So, bearing this in mind, what are the trends in kitchens that we noticed so far in 2016?


As we spend more time in the kitchen, and perhaps for different reasons, we see more lighting options. No longer are we satisfied with just a ceiling or cabinet light? We are now seeing lighting strips, LED lights, and lights, which accentuate features – such as above, below or inside cabinets, or under-cabinet over-hands, all of which help with the setting of different moods and ambiances.


As technology moves forward, we are seeing it being incorporated increasingly into our kitchens. We see more appliances that can are controlled through a smart device – such as dishwashers, wine coolers and coffee machines. We will also see more charging stations and the growth of state-of-the-art appliances.

Colours and Textures

Colours and textures are changing too. Whites and bold colours are being replaced by softer and more muted colours, such as pastels, charcoal, tinted white, light greens and greys and light wood colours like walnut and white oak. Natural or whitewashed wood is becoming very popular, giving kitchens a rustic yet clean look.

Designers are making more use of textures as a feature, using it in a number of different areas to both provide contrast but also to tie different features together.

80s Revival

We see a glance back to the 80s style, but with a more modern and elegant twist. The bold colours with bright plastic are out, but a glossy backdrop or a shiny metallic hood is definitely in. It’s like a strangely tweaked version of an 80s kitchen, in a classy manner.

Integrated Areas

It might be because we have smaller spaces, or it might be thanks to the current trend for people wanting to be more social in the home, but we see a rise in the number of integrated kitchens and living areas. It might be that families want to spend more time together, that a single parent can keep an eye on their children easier, or the growth in social cooking, but whatever the reason, kitchens are becoming more prominent and more integrated with living areas.

Minimal and Simple

We see trends in clean, bold lines and minimalist design. One of the psychological effects of the advancements of technology is that we are much less likely to hoard. We are seeing the possibility of minimalist living – through technology such as smartphones and I-Pods, and this is stretching across the kitchen area as well. We want less clutter, less ‘stuff’ and what we do have, we want to be hidden away.

As technology moves forward, we are seeing it being increasingly incorporated into the kitchen area, and this, coupled with the natural cycle of style, is proving to be an exciting time in the world of kitchen design.

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