October 18, 2018

Whether it’s because of the financial investment or the time and energy involved, kitchen renovations often get put on hold in a household.

When a renovation finally is in order, you need to ensure the right decisions are made to save yourself from completing a redo in a few years’ time. Here are five kitchen trends that will be here to stay for a while!

1. Neutral Paint Colours

It can be difficult to resist the temptation of painting your kitchen cabinets in whatever the current fashionable colour is, but stay strong! Neutral colours are always best when it comes to longevity in a home.

White cabinets in particular not only look fresh and modern, but they work well with a variety of design styles. Plus, their ability to appeal to many home buyers’ taste make them a great choice if you’re planning on selling your home in the near future.

2. Two-Tone Cabinetry

In recent years, many homeowners have chosen to paint their upper and lower cabinets two completely different colours. Yes, this is fashionable and modern looking but will it still be in a few years’ time? Likely not.

If you do want a contrast between your upper and lower cabinets, it’s best to stick to neutral colours. Pairing white with a rich wood stain is a great option that shouldn’t be a faux pas in the near future!

3. Glass Front Cabinetry

Glass-front cabinetry is a great trend to incorporate into any style of kitchen.

From modern kitchens to more traditional ones, glass front cabinetry provides a great way to display decorative pieces.

Keep in mind that there’s no hiding behind glass! Wisely choose how many glass cabinets you install that will be on constant display in your kitchen.

4. Open Shelving

There never seems to be enough storage space in a kitchen. Open shelving has been coming to the rescue for many homeowners and looks like it will continue to in the future!

However, like glass front cabinetry, open shelving is on constant display to guests – which can be a nuisance if you’re not a well-organized person.

5. Marble Countertops

A timeless classic in the world of countertops, marble is naturally cool and heat resistant. However, it does have its downfalls – such as the tendency to hold stains.

Don’t like the modest price tag or maintenance required with marble? There are plenty of other choices available that mimic marble but may work better for your household’s needs.

For example, quartz requires less upkeep and is more durable than marble. With the many colour options available, finding a piece of quartz that will complement your kitchen should be easy.

Keeping up with fashion trends can be difficult enough, so leave the kitchen trends to the professionals! If you’re planning on completing a kitchen renovation, check out Trends Wood Finishing. We are known for providing Burlington, Oakville and surrounding areas with quality kitchen cabinetryContact us today for more details about our professional kitchen renovations!

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