January 14, 2022

Having the right lighting can completely change a room’s appearance. If you’ve renovated a space recently or you’re considering updating parts of your home in Oakville, don’t forget to consider the lighting. Here are some lighting trends you may want to consider before choosing the lighting fixtures for your new space.

Keep Lighting Simple

One of the more popular trends seen in lighting has been to make things a little simpler and not make a statement with the lighting fixtures. Farmhouse-style fixtures are still one of the most popular trends for kitchens.

With this trend, you will typically see fixtures with much more clean lines, and it might look even a little industrial.

Bright & Colourful Lighting

If you want to make a little bit of a statement, you could use the lighting fixtures to bring a pop of colour to the space.

With lighting that has blown glass or bright pendants, you can create a statement in your space that can easily be changed out without spending too much of your budget.

Add A Little Sparkle

This is the opposite of the keeping it simple trend, but adding in a little sparkle is also becoming popular among high-end and luxury homes.

A crystal chandelier in your dining room or over your kitchen island can take a kitchen renovation to the next level and give you that high-end, finished look. This option can increase your budget a little bit, so it may take some research to make sure you can find what you’re looking for within the budget you want to spend.

Wall Lighting

Many fixtures are hung from the ceiling, but not everyone’s living space will work with that. You do have another opportunity here, though: the wall.

Wall-mounted fixtures are becoming more popular in Oakville homes – especially in smaller spaces where you need to brighten it up but don’t have the ability to hang a light fixture.

Integrated Lighting

Options like adding lighting to your cabinets or under cabinet lighting can upgrade the look of your space. If your cabinets have glass doors where you can see the items you have stored in there, in-cabinet lighting can create a polished look.

Integrating different types of lighting can add layers and complexity to your space.

Choosing Your Lighting

The best option for lighting is the one that is going to work with your life and your family, and your budget (if you’re renovating or upgrading).

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