April 11, 2019

As custom cabinetry makers, our Milton clients often ask us what the latest trends are. And we have seen everything! 2019, however, has certainly had its share of stylish design. The following are the top 7 trends we are seeing in Milton kitchen cabinets.

1. Open Shelving

While open shelving can quickly become cluttered if you are not organized, those who can pull it off do so with a lot of flare. Open shelving can help to create a light, and airy feel to your kitchen which can be nice especially if you have a smaller kitchen. It’s also a great way to display unique items rather than hiding them away only to be brought out for special occasions.

2. Custom Colour Palettes

Many homeowners want their kitchens to be unique. And while white and natural wood are still popular, more and more Milton homeowners are opting for colours that are customized for their kitchens. Soft greys, greens and yellows are quite popular, but darker colours such as navy and emerald greed are quickly becoming favourites as well.

3. Oak is Making a Comeback

Oak kitchen cabinets were extremely popular from the ‘70s up until the early ‘90s. After a much-needed break, oak is making a comeback. And that’s understandable because this wood is so versatile and it can be incorporated into a wide range of decorating styles from rustic to clean and modern.

4. Clean Lines

Modern minimalism has been popular in also areas of home décor in recent years, and kitchen cabinets are no exception. This year we have seen many homeowners opting for cabinets that are free of ornate design – instead of having a simple recessed panel door. Even the hardware on these cabinets is kept clean and simple.

5. Transitional Styling

If you are looking to incorporate both traditional and modern décor elements into your kitchen, you may want to opt for transitional style cabinets. This is a style of décor that walks the line between the two. It may, for example, be a contemporary design in a more traditional colour or material.

6. Multiple Finish Colours

Are you torn between the choice of having natural wood grain cabinets and painted cabinets? Have you considered having both? A bold design choice that is quickly becoming a trend is to have multiple finish colours in the same kitchen. For example, a homeowner might choose to have a different finish on the kitchen island than they do on the perimeter cabinets – or they might choose white upper cabinets and natural wood for the base cabinets. Using different finishes helps homeowners to inject their unique personalities into their kitchens.

7. Under Cabinet Lighting

While not technically part of the cabinet itself, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention how popular under cabinet lighting has become. LED pucks, strips and bars are energy efficient and give off very little heat. They are perfect for lighting a work area or improving the ambiance of the room.

If you are interested in incorporating any of these design features into your kitchen in Milton, contact Trends Wood Finishing today!

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