January 8, 2016

The staff at Trends Wood Finishing know first hand how difficult it is to find extra storage space in a bathroom – where space is already at a premium! But no need to worry; the clever solutions below will help you find additional space in a small bathroom.

Maximizing Storage Space Inside Bathroom Cabinets

Doing something as simple as adding drawers to your bathroom cabinets can add a surprising amount of space. In addition, finding smaller items will become easier. Adding a lazy susan inside your cabinet can make bathroom items even easier to access. Stacking plastic bins inside the cabinet can make use of the full height that is available so no space is wasted!

Where space is already difficult to find, be sure to utilize every square inch. Consider adding wall cabinets in a small bathroom, to utilize empty wall space. All of the different compartments available in these units can be used to house a variety of bathroom items while keeping this small space neat and tidy. The space above the toilet is another great spot to add an additional cabinet, shelves or baskets for storage solutions.

You can utilize bathroom corners by installing a corner cabinet – a clever solution in a space where every little bit of storage counts.

Narrow space between your sink and a wall? That, too, can be put to storage use by installing a narrow cabinet. You’ll be surprised how much storage these cupboards can offer while keeping the space looking neat!

Another challenge can be finding a suitable cabinet if your bathroom is irregularly shaped. The best solution for this issue is to get custom made built-in shelving. The shelving compartments can be all different sizes, making them useful for holding a variety of items without making the space look too cluttered.

Some Additional Tricks of the Trade!

  • To save yourself space and time, hang your hair tools (hair dryer, curling iron, straightener) on the inside of the cabinet door. Another suggestion to keep your hair tools out of the way is by installing a storage space inside a cabinet. If a power outlet is nearby, you can even drill holes through the rear of the cabinet to eliminate cords getting tangled during storage
  • Install a cabinet behind a full-length mirror that can easily become a storage solution for bath supplies
  • Utilize the space underneath your sink by adding sliding drawers that will not only provide extra storage, but will save you from stooping and reaching as well
  • Floating shelves are a great complement to cabinet storage and can be utilized on any wall space
  • Expandable under the sink shelf organizers can hold anything you need to store to keep things organized in your bathroom

Helping You Find the Extra Storage Space!

The helpful staff at Trends Wood Finishing can help you find the perfect storage solution to suit your bathroom, no matter its size! Contact us today to learn more about the solutions that we offer.

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