October 20, 2017

Try as you may, scratches and nicks are inevitable when dealing with anything made out of wood. But don’t despair! There are some easy ways of repairing this type of superficial damage. Here’s how to get your wood back to like-new quality!

Make Sure It’s Scratched

In a lot of cases, scratches on the wood are actually just wax buildups. If you think this may be the case with your piece of wood, be sure to remove the wax buildup first using a wax buildup remover product. Once the buildup is removed, you can then try to fix the scratch.

Cover Scratches with Colour

Fortunately, it’s very easy to repair light scratches that you can see, but don’t feel when you run your finger over it.

Rub the meat of a nut such as walnut or pecan over the scratch, so that the nut’s oil darkens the wood. In no time at all, the scratch will simply disappear!

For deeper scratches that you do feel when you run your finger over it, you’ll require a product that both colours and fills. This is a great opportunity to bust out that old box of crayons you have! Choose a colour that most closely matches the colour of your scratched wood and rub it into the scratch. Using the edge of a credit card, remove any excess. Finish by polishing the wood to give it a glossy shine.

Don’t have a box of crayons around? Use a felt-tip touch-up marker that best matches the wood tone.

Other Options to Repair Scratches in Wood

Other options to repair scratches on wood include using a paste created from instant coffee and water, applying watercolour paint to the affected area or applying iodine to the scratch.

Whatever method you choose, apply the product carefully to the scratched area. Be sure to remove any excess right away so the wood around the scratch does not become stained.

Use Heat to Repair Dent-Like Scratches

Although not as easy to repair, deep scratches and dents can still be fixed relatively quickly. Before trying a wood filler and then sanding, try this simple method:

  1. Find a thick, white towel. Wet and ring it out.
  2. Place the wet towel over the dent.
  3. Use a hot iron to run it continuously over the dent for 30 seconds. Keep moving the cloth to a new, damp spot and repeat the process with the iron.
  4. Wait 24 hours. If the dent is still there, repeat step #3.

Call the Experts at Trends Wood Finishing

The easiest and most guaranteed way of removing damage from your wood is to call the experts! With 25 years of woodworking experience, the professionals at Trends Wood Finishing are trusted to repair nicks and scratches in wood. To get your wood looking brand new again, contact Trends Wood Finishing today!


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