August 11, 2015

Home ownership is a common dream for a lot of people but unfortunately, it can often be an unattainable dream. Therefore, if you are lucky enough to own your own home then no doubt you will want to personalize it as much as possible. After all, you don’t want your own place to look exactly like everyone else’s.

One great way to customize your home is to have your appliances built into your cabinetry. Items such as ovens, refrigerators, wine coolers, and microwaves can be expertly installed into the cabinets to give a great finish to any room.

The Advantages

1. It looks incredibly organized

Of course, the primary function of your home is to live in it but on the flip side you also want your home to look well presented, and having your appliances built into the cabinetry is a great way of doing this. Having appliances built into cabinetry will give any room a much more organized and sophisticated look.

2. It’s unique

Most homes that you visit have a pretty standard layout and certainly nothing memorable about them. However, by having your appliances built into the cabinetry your house will have a certain degree of uniqueness and elegance. This will give any visitors plenty of talking points.

3. It keeps your items more secure

It’s a horrible thought and certainly not something that people would want to imagine, but unfortunately, burglaries do happen. Now, while it is unlikely your oven or fridge would ever be stolen, the same cannot be said for your television, microwave, and much more. Having your appliances built into the cabinets is a way of making sure they remain safe in your home.

The Disadvantages

1. Upgrading your appliances can be difficult

How long have you had your current refrigerator? How long do you think it will be before you buy a new one? A few years ago these questions would have been answered much easier as the technology wasn’t evolving at such a staggering pace and products were used for a longer time. However, with the significant advancements that have been made in technology over the past few years, your electrical items can quickly become out of date and replacing them with newer items can be a difficult task especially as your cabinets may have been built with the old appliances specifically in mind.

2. Repairs can be a nightmare

Your shiny new oven may look attractive but what if there’s a fault with it or it gets damaged? Getting it fixed could prove to be a huge hassle as the repair person will have to pull out the cabinets and potentially damage them just to locate the problem.

There are plenty more pros and cons to consider, however, these are just a few of the common ones which you may wish to consider.

If you’re looking for built in wall units, you will definitely need more information to work from. Contact our team of professionals at Trends Wood Finishing and we will make sure to come up with a solution that will work for both you and your home.

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