May 23, 2019

If you’re thinking about remodelling your kitchen, or maybe you’re in the middle of it right now, choosing all the finishes and details of every single aspect may seem overwhelming. There’s faucets, appliances, countertops and cabinets to figure out.

Cabinets and storage are often the most significant design part of any kitchen remodel because they are so prominent in any kitchen, so picking the right style for you is important.

Some kitchens have open shelves, and some have closed cabinets, but what if you like the look of both? You don’t have to pick just one. You can combine the two, so you have a unique look just for you. Here are some more insights on why you might want to combine open shelving and close cupboards in your kitchen.

Display Important Pieces

Everyone has those unique pieces in their collection: maybe you inherited some gorgeous place settings, or you picked up a perfect antique vase at a flea market one day – no matter what your piece is, we all have one to display. Open shelving gives you the ability to put these unique pieces out where your guests, or even just your family, can admire them and see them.

Put Away Bigger Items

You don’t necessarily need everyone to see that stand mixer or the kettle you use to boil water, so having closed cupboards in addition to open shelving allows you to put away those items you don’t need everyone seeing or that you don’t use every day.

Have a Unique Kitchen

Other people might have a combination of open shelves and cupboards, but it’s really unlikely that anyone will have the exact same kitchen as you. The beauty of this option means you can put the shelves and cupboards exactly where you want; you can have as many shelves as you want and put them wherever you want them to be. This is truly a custom kitchen option, and you can create any look you like.

Easy to Keep Clean

Open shelves mean you can quickly move a cloth or vacuum hose around to keep them clean and dust free. You can also easily reorganize and put items where you’d like, making it incredibly convenient to find the things you use every day.

Make Your Space Feel Open

When you have cupboards that are closed off, they can make a small space feel even smaller. If your kitchen is already a little on the small side and you aren’t expanding it during the remodel, then leaving some open shelving, especially using light colours, will help make the space feel bigger.

When you’re remodelling a kitchen, it can be tough to make decisions, and the choice between closed cabinets and open shelving is no different. Fortunately, there are ways that you can truly have the best of both worlds.

For help designing the ideal layout of both open shelving and closed kitchen cabinets, contact us today.

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