September 8, 2015

Most homeowners will agree that cabinets are the foundation of any kitchen, and an investment in your foundation is a wise decision. Even though cabinets are essentially boxes that have shelves, drawers or doors, they should be regarded as your kitchen’s furniture. You want them to be as attractive as the rest of the furnishings in your home. Like with any good piece of furniture, you want your cabinets to be built solidly and designed in a manner that reflects the style and personality of its owner. In other words, you want quality and a unique elegance that makes your home stand out from the rest. With custom cabinetry, that is precisely what you’ll get.

Stock Cabinets:

Now that you have your heart set on new cabinetry for your kitchen, there are some issues that you must consider. One of these matters up for consideration is the fact that buying cabinets from a big box store will be less costly. However, their value and longevity are not considered to be a better value than having custom made cabinets for your home. Stock is typically not wood, and they offer the least expensive price. They have fewest options of standard finishes or hardware, and ultimately the homeowner is faced with a take it or leave it position. You may also have to build around the stock cabinets if they do not meet your design requirements. When you put it all together and see the many benefits of custom cabinetry, it makes a great deal of sense why so many homeowners decide to choose them over stock cabinets.

Custom Cabinets:

One of the biggest attractions why homeowners choose custom cabinets is because they are constructed by talented, skilled craftsmen with a hands-on approach, and they are built to last. Cabinet making is an art, and these artisans take their work very seriously. Experienced cabinet makers use only the highest quality construction material, and their expertise is beyond anything that you will find in assembly line stock material. The comparison is dramatic when you view this chart below, illustrating the difference between stock and custom cabinets.

Custom Cabinetry Stock Cabinetry
Components Plywood Particle Board
Joints Dovetail, Dowel Glued, Nailed or Screwed
Corner Braces Wood glue blocks Stapled plastic corners
Drawer Slides Hidden undermount Side slide brackets


Because you will be most likely be dealing with a local contractor, you will have less concern over where the wood originates from, and you’ll have a more comprehensive selection available through a domestic hardwood supplier. This is a great feature of having custom cabinets because you help the local economy and lessen concerns on environmental impact.


When deciding on custom cabinets, you can select among a multitude of elements that you need and eliminate those that you don’t require. You can decide on any design, any size, any colour and any finish because you are not limited in any way. You can dream up anything you want, and a custom cabinet maker can create it. This is the beauty of custom cabinets because you are not restricted to conventional looks or settle for average dimensions. You even have the ability to choose a variety of cabinet heights that will optimize the different areas and functions in the kitchen, from food preparation to storage. Custom cabinets can be constructed to accommodate the entire family, making the tasks in the kitchen more productive, enjoyable and more efficient.


Even though stock cabinets can be transformed into many types of combinations, a purchaser is still limited by the availability of the product. Alternatively, custom cabinets offer you the luxury of personally customizing your selections to fit your lifestyle and personality. Unlike stock cabinets where the batch finishes may be different due to assembly line production, you get consistency with custom cabinets that is reliable and perfectly finished.

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