September 12, 2016

If you are looking to give your kitchen or bathroom a style makeover, it is likely that you will want to make some changes to the look of your cabinets. It might be that you want to give the room a whole new style or that you just want to neaten and brighten up your existing cabinets and other furniture.

A much more economical way to achieve these changes than buying a whole new set of cabinets is to reface or refinish your existing ones. Refacing and refinishing means that you can change the appearance of an existing cabinet without having to spend big on new ones by changing or updating the cabinet door, while leaving the storage part (the cabinet box) as is.

Kitchen Cabinet Door Refacing

Cabinet Refacing or resurfacing means that the cabinet door or drawer front is resurfaced with a laminate or wood veneer replacement material while the cabinet box stays the same. You can also change face frames, cabinet side panels and mouldings so that they all match. If your cabinet doors and drawers aren’t in great condition, refacing is the ideal way to spruce them up, give them a new lease of life and give them an overall neatness.

Refacing also gives you the chance to give a whole new look to your cabinets if you want to update their style, the wood or their colour, to something more modern.

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

Cabinet Refinishing is a great option for people whose cabinets are still in good condition but still want to make a change. The process of refinishing involves stripping the cabinet door or drawer of its existing colour – by either hand sanding or the use of chemicals and then re-applying a new paint or stain to the wood.

It should be remembered that if your cabinets are made from laminate or Thermo foil, refinishing isn’t an option, because you cannot strip the colour from these materials, and adding paint over the top won’t stick. You should also bear in mind that although the cabinets are stripped, it is much easier to go from a lighter to darker colour, than from darker to lighter.

Staining allows you to give the impression of almost any wood that you wish, and then, of course, if you decide to paint the cabinet doors and drawer fronts, you have an almost infinite choice of colour.

Refinishing is usually the more economic option for people who are looking to transform their cabinets as you will be buying a lot less material. It is also easier for you to do it yourself – unlike refacing, which is a bigger job and often will need to be done by a professional.

Whether you are looking to transform your kitchen or bathroom for yourself, or whether it is to make it more appealing to sell your house, refacing or refinishing can be the ideal way to bring the room back to life without having to splash out on a whole new set of cabinets. You still have a lot of flexibility in the final look, but won’t suffer the expense – or disruption – of fitting a new kitchen or bathroom.

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