August 30, 2016

Wooden furniture or other objects can offer a great look for any house or building. It can give a look of grandeur or humility, quality and a general care and pride for the look and style of the room. The look of a piece of wooden furniture or another object can depend a lot on the finishing of the wood. How it is treated to protect and preserve it, as well as having an impact on the overall look of the piece.

Environmental regulations are put in place, not only to help to protect the world and nature but also people who have a close proximity to it and those who will be using the piece. For example, there are products which can be damaging to the environment in general, but also to those who might be breathing in its fumes.

It can be a delicate balancing act between choosing the right finishing practises, and keeping them within the guidelines, making sure that everyone is protected but that the best result is obtained.


The first thing that you should be looking at with wood finishing is that you have the right substance for the job. You should make yourself aware of the most recent guidelines with regards to the substances that you should and shouldn’t use. Don’t use anything that is too old as this may firstly be outside of today’s rules, and also might not have the effect that it was being used for.


The next consideration that you need to have is to ensure that you are working on the piece in the right environment. For example, there are many substances such as paints, stains and varnishes which would require the space to be well ventilated. You may also have to wear a mask to breathe through, so you should check the environmental recommendations that are supplied with the substance. You might also have to think about not allowing naked flames near substances and other substances which might not mix well.


You should now make sure that you are actually carrying out the wood finishing process properly. Again, follow the instructions that are given, properly to avoid accidents or any unnecessary harm to both people and the environment. You might be required to sand the wood down in the first place, and this in itself comes with safety precautions about breathing in dust particles and how to minimize potential risks.

Once you’ve finished, check the recommendations to ensure that the wooden piece is protected and you’re all done.

The process of wood finishing is safe and relatively simple if you check the regulations and follow the recommendations that are given. By being sensible and keeping within the rules, you can ensure not only your own and everyone else’s safety but also creating and maintaining the best effect on the wood.

Trends Wood Finishing takes environmental regulations very seriously and we keep them in mind for each and every time we have a wood finishing job, and we get that job done the first time. Don’t hesitate to Contact Us when you have a job for your home.

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