May 11, 2022

It seems like every kitchen renovation involves the word “farmhouse” recently. Having a farmhouse kitchen is a very trendy thing right now, but what exactly is a farmhouse kitchen and what makes it different from others? If you’re thinking about putting a farmhouse kitchen in your Oakville home, one of the essential features are the cabinets you’re choosing for your new kitchen. Here’s what you need to know about farmhouse kitchen cabinets.

What Makes a Farmhouse Kitchen?

One of the most telling, apparent signs of a farmhouse kitchen is that it will feel much more warm and cozy than many of the more modern-style kitchens.

Modern kitchens tend to have clean lines and use sleek materials. Farmhouse kitchens often feel more relaxed and offer a warm, family ambiance.

Colours and Materials of Farmhouse Cabinets
Farmhouse kitchen cabinets tend to use more natural materials like wood, exposed brick and wrought iron.

The colours of a farmhouse kitchen are from a warm palette, with some white (or off-white) colours thrown in there to keep it feeling bright and airy in the finished space.

Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Design

The overall design of the kitchen will typically be simple and non-pretentious. The overall goal of the design is to have a comfortable and warm room – after all, they are based on real farmhouse kitchens that previously were used to cook large family meals and host social gatherings.

Hardware for Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets
The hardware for farmhouse kitchen cabinets is going to look pretty vintage. The hardware for door handles and drawer pulls might be wrought iron or have a brass finish.

Overall, the finishes for farmhouse cabinets are often straightforward and not over the top.

Open Shelving for Farmhouse Kitchens

Open shelves are a perfect way to display vintage items – like mason jars – in your new kitchen. Having this open shelving with vintage items can help homeowners to achieve that farmhouse aesthetic they’re looking for.

Warm Lighting For Your Kitchen

If you want to achieve the farmhouse aesthetic, warm and ambient lighting is going to go a long way to helping you get this final look.

Modern LED lighting can make your kitchen look too sterile for your farmhouse style and may even be counterproductive to all the hard work you’ve put into your kitchen trying to give it a farmhouse feeling.

In farmhouse kitchens, you may try using antique lamps with tungsten-style lightbulbs hanging from the ceiling. This style gives it a warmer feeling and welcomes everyone into the kitchen.

When you’re remodelling your Oakville home, it’s important to make sure you know and understand the aesthetic you’re going for. If you want a farmhouse style kitchen, make sure your cabinets are warm and natural so that it doesn’t have that harsh finish. Turn your kitchen into the true heart of your home with a farmhouse kitchen.

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