April 29, 2016

Has the area around your television started to look like a junk pile, with various electronic accoutrements spilling out onto the floor around it? With a custom television cabinet from Trends Wood Finishing, you can keep items like DVDs and gaming consoles out of sight when not in use.

How excess stuff migrates to the television

The family television can be an excellent diversion after a long day where you can veg out on the couch and catch up on world events watching the six o’clock news or indulge yourself in the guilty pleasure of a rerun of Dance Moms or Real Housewives. But today’s television is also much more – it’s an entertainment centre around which you store your favourite Blu-rays and DVDs; it’s a gaming centre where you not only have the latest console but also a plethora of accessories; and if you combine it with a workout DVD or two and maybe some hand weights and a yoga mat, your television might even be your personal trainer.

And while all of this excess stuff can be a good thing when you’re using it, you don’t necessarily want it all on display when the in-laws come over for Sunday dinner!

A custom solution

Visit any furniture store, and you’ll be able to find all manner of entertainment cabinets, but just like a well-tailored suit, you can’t beat a custom solution. At Trends Wood Finishing, we can design your television cabinet especially to suit your needs whether you need to camouflage speakers, store gaming accessories or even have a spot to keep your yoga mat.

Another advantage is because we can stain the wood any colour, you won’t have to worry about your cabinet being “close but not quite” when it comes to matching it with the rest of your wood furnishings or décor. You will also have peace of mind knowing that you’ll be able to get something that is the ideal size for your television and the room that it’s located in.

Features and benefits of Trends custom television cabinets

There are so many reasons to trust Trends Wood Finishing for your custom built in wall units. Just a few of the many benefits include:

  • Hiding (or showing off!) your movie or video game collection
  • Organizing Blu-ray players, gaming consoles and stereo system
  • Storing remote controls
  • Hiding unsightly cables and wires.
  • Camouflaging speakers
  • Storing workout equipment such as workout DVDs, barbells, and exercise matts
  • Building your dream home entertainment centre to your exact requirements

Get your living space back!

Your television and all the toys and accessories that come with it can bring a lot of fun and enjoyment to your life, but there will always be times when you want those things tucked away out of sight. A custom television cabinet is the ideal solution for keeping everything neat and organized for evenings when you’d rather enjoy conversation with dear friends rather than a sports commentary.

And for those times you DO want to view a movie from your collection or play your favourite video game, then having them all organized in your custom cabinet makes finding what you’re looking for a breeze.

To learn how you can get started on the design on your own custom television cabinet, contact Trends Wood Finishing today!

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