October 21, 2022

So you have just ordered cabinets for the new kitchen in your Oakville home, and you want your kitchen to be done very soon so you can use your new space. How long will it be until your new cabinets can be installed? Many factors may impact how long it takes for a kitchen renovation to be completed, including the space preparation. Here are several factors that can impact the timeline for installing your new cabinets.

Kitchen Demolition

Getting new cabinets assumes that you have current cabinets in your home, and those need to come out before the new ones can be built. Unless, of course, you are planning on saving money with cabinet refacing or refinishing.

If you are set on new cabinets, the old cabinets need to be removed, along with any other parts of the kitchen that are being updated. The amount of demolition that needs to be done will be one of the first tasks.

Cabinet Size

The bigger the kitchen, the longer the remodel will take. Expanding your kitchen to a bigger size may include renovating other parts of your home to make more space for the kitchen can delay the timeline of your kitchen cabinets being installed.

Scope of Kitchen Renovation Project

Are you just replacing the kitchen cabinets or are you completely renovating your kitchen? If you are doing more than just the cabinets, this could also impact your installation timeline as there could be other work to be done before the cabinets can be installed. You will need to determine the scope of your project before it starts.

Special order items

Custom cabinets and other special order items are always a great way to ensure the kitchen in your Oakville home represents your style, and that your kitchen is unlike any others. Custom, or special-order items, can pose a challenge though.

Custom items are great because it puts a special touch on your kitchen, but they are not kept in stock either as they are often made to order. If there are any issues with getting the item from the manufacturer, your installation could be delayed. Selecting specialty products can add a nice touch, but keep in mind it could impact your project if it doesn’t ship in time.

Changing your mind

You may have sat with a designer to figure out what your new kitchen will look like, but once the project starts, there could be sections you didn’t think about or things you want to change. If you decide to change your mind, this can mean delays in completing your kitchen. Changes mean that you will likely, need to order new items and then wait for them to come in. The fewer changes made, the better for a timeline.

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