March 22, 2015

Getting new cabinets, whether they be for the laundry room, the kitchen or simply the garage workspace, can be the most exciting thing to happen to your home. Besides the usual obstacles such as budget and design decisions, disposal of the old cabinets can also dampen your enthusiasm for the project. There are ways to deal with the unwanted materials that will not only keep you smiling but could have someone else smiling too.

When replacing those old cabinets, the easiest solution is to make a trip to the dump. There are, however, several things wrong with this solution. If you care anything about your environment, it will pain you to see such bulky items sit in the landfill. It will also cost more than a couple bucks to have these old cabinets accepted at the dump. Gone are the days when getting your hands on a truck was your biggest obstacle to getting rid of garbage. With a little time and research, it’s not hard to come up with more than one solution that will cost you little or nothing and leave your integrity intact.


While treated wood can’t be recycled, there may be part of your cabinets that can be, including the hardware. Check with your local waste management department to find out your options.


Visit a shop class at your local high school and inquire about donating those old cabinets to any number of projects the teacher has in mind for the year. Those unwanted cabinets will be upcycled into something that can once again be loved. It will also be helping out a whole group of future carpenters.


If your old cabinets aren’t doing it for you anymore, you might be surprised with the appeal they might hold for others. Your junk might be someone else’s treasure. Consider donating those old cabinets to the reuse store. Habitat for humanity is in the business of raising funds for the purpose of building new homes and the reuse store is filled with older cabinets.


If you’re putting in a new kitchen you’re not likely to find a new home for all your old cabinets but consider moving some of them to other areas of the house. The laundry room can always use more storage. The workroom or the garage as well can benefit from your tired out cabinets while making room for the new ones. Sometimes they can fit right into another space but a fresh coat of paint may be needed. New hardware can also freshen up old cabinets, making them “new” again.

The key is to plan ahead when determining the final resting place for those old cabinets. Having your kitchen out of commission because of a major renovation is disruptive, to say the least. If you have the project laid out step by step, your downtime can be minimized. Dealing with the demolition is a big part of this and getting rid of old building materials, including those old cabinets, requires a plan.

If you decide on Repurposing or getting rid of your old cabinets, Trends Wood Finishing specializes in cabinet Refacing and Refinishing as well as Making Custom Cabinets for your home. So why not Give Us a Call today.

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