July 16, 2022

Your kitchen is probably the area of your Oakville home that gets used the most. You use it for cooking, and your family gathers there for meals. Sometimes, though, there is too much clutter in your kitchen and you don’t know what to do with it. Here are a few tips on organizing the kitchen cabinets in your home.

Think Strategy

An organized kitchen is great, however, the manner it’s organized needs to make sense to your needs. So, how do you use your kitchen? Is it a big kitchen, and you’re going to organize a section at a time? Or is it a smaller kitchen, and you can do everything at once? Having a strategy for how you’re going to organize can be incredibly beneficial.

Once you have a good idea of your strategy, you can start organizing.

Organize by Zones

Once your cupboards are empty and cleaned out, you can start organizing things into zones. This means putting items that are similar together and then putting them in the area where you are most likely to be using them. This is a functional way to organize your kitchen (and any space) so that people are not searching for items they need. Instead, the items they need are within reach of the area they’re being used in.

When it comes to kitchens, some of the more common zones include: cooking/baking, food preparation, food storage, clean-up area, and a coffee/tea/beverage bar. Depending on how you and your family use your kitchen, you may have different zone needs. Take a moment here to think about the different areas of your kitchen and how you might use them.

For example, you’ll want to keep coffee beans and teas near the beverage area and your baking sheets and muffin pans near the baking zone.

Clean up the Counter

One of the things that makes kitchens look smaller (and messier) is when there are a lot of items on the counters. As you are organizing and decluttering, try to clean up the counters so that you are keeping minimal items out there. Hopefully, now that you’ve purged and organized your cabinets – you can take some items from your counters and store them where they are out of sight.

Appliances you use sparingly or only during certain seasons, like your bread machine, juicer, or crockpot can always be stored in your basement or garage until needed again.

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