September 21, 2016

If you are thinking about refurbishing a room in your home which has some sort of cabinetry, it is quite possible that you will be hoping to update the wood finishes on them. By giving your cabinetry, as well as windows and doors, a new or updated finish, you can change the whole look of the room – and it won’t break the bank.

When you are choosing a new wood finish to update, there are a number of factors which you should be considering, but one of the main ones is the quality of the wood finish. After all, there’s no point in doing the work if it’s going to look old and worn, within a few months.

So how do you test the quality of a wood finish?

What is a Wood Finish?

A wood finish is a clear, transparent layer which is painted onto the wood as a stain – for decorative reasons, or to just protect the wood. Paint can also be included in wood finishing, which can be used to enhance good wood, or cover up less than perfect wood, as well as waxes and bleaches and other varnishes which can be sprayed on.

When it comes to protection, generally the thicker the finish, the more protective it is – although the application of a few coats of the finish is also very effective in protecting the wood.

Quality of Wood Finishes

There are a few factors which are involved when you are thinking about the quality of wood finishes:

Durability – This is the amount of time that the wood finish will last – still looking good, and giving the wood the maximum protection that is possible. It is important here that the wood which is being finished is properly prepared to get the maximum effect and durability. The environment in which you are working also plays a part in the durability of your wood finish – with factors such as temperature, humidity and the amount of dust in the air all making a difference.

Appearance – Another major factor when you are choosing a wood finish is the overall appearance at the end. There are many different kinds of wood finishes available, each with their own characteristics, so it is worth doing your research beforehand to find the type that you want to use.

Once that you have decided which finish you want to use, you should do a test strip to see what the finish will look like after a certain amount of time, to get an accurate idea. Creating a test strip, you can also get an idea of how long it takes to dry and how easy it is to apply the finish, which are also important factors to deciding which wood finish you want to use.

Make sure that you use the same wood as that which you will be finishing and prepare it in the same way to get a real idea of how it will be. Apply a couple of coats just as you will be doing with the real thing, but leave a section with only one coat for comparisons.

Choosing the right wood finishing for your room can make all the difference in how it looks, so by properly researching and then creating a test strip, you can get a clear idea of what your eventual finish will look like.

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