January 4, 2016

Building an oven into a wood cabinet is a great way to save space in any kitchen, and it creates a nice clean look. The unit is usually built under or above the cabinets and provides an ideal storage space for all of your cookware. Unlike a regular free-standing range, a built-in oven is surrounded by cabinets, and the whole procedure is pretty straightforward.

Basically, a built-in oven opening is a simple box supported by a constructed pine frame. However, one way to get the maximum benefit from an oven is to have a unit that is already installed in a cabinet. As an example, if your opening is a standard 60 or 90 cm opening, or one that you can make in your existing cabinets, you can install a built-in oven complete with its own cabinet.

Electric Oven Safety Considerations:

From a safety concern regarding the high temperatures that an oven can reach, the exterior sides of ovens do not generate excessive heat. The exteriors generated heat of about 93 Celsius (200 degrees Fahrenheit), which is relatively low in comparison to the interior of the oven. Just make sure that the wall coverings, counters and cabinets around the oven can withstand this temperature.

If you are satisfied that your surrounding materials can withstand the heat, you can use the same plywood that is used on your existing cabinets to build the opening that an oven will sit in. The best way to build the opening is to build a simple base with sides and then add some trim pieces to the exterior to give it the built-in look. Because most ovens require the full depth of the cabinet, it will not have a back to it.

Built-in ovens are traditionally made in two standard sizes (60 cm and 90 cm) so that they can be inserted inside the specially created gap regardless of the brand of the fitted kitchen unit. In addition to these two standard sizes, a third type also exists, which is a 45 cm gap. This model size was introduced more recently and designed to meet the needs of those with limited kitchen space. This size is usually an oven that doesn’t replace the old one because its dimensions did not exist in kitchens built in the past. Whichever size you use, the necessary precautions should be taken when inserting the oven in the wall opening.

Electric Oven – Safe Installation:

The first item of business on installation is attaching the plug to the power cable. It is recommended that you install a vertically squashed plug in the spot to have more space behind. You also want to make sure that it has a resistance in watts that is adequate for the maximum absorption of the oven. You can find the oven’s maximum absorption on the plate on the frame of the oven, and the cord must be placed for a temperature above 50 ° C at any given point. Next, you’ll want to ensure adequate ventilation, so insert the oven into the cavity in a way that provides enough airflow. Place it on a base that is wide enough for the entire 56 cm width of the oven and about 4 cm high. You can also place two wooden runners on the inside cavity to insert the oven, just like a drawer.

Whichever method you use, the back panel of the cabinet will be removed. Depending on the model you purchase, the oven may or may not be equipped with plugs placed laterally to the chassis. If you have these plugs, they must be positioned in a way to correspond with the hole on the frame of the oven cabinet. Once you have inserted the oven into the cabinet cavity, open the door to the oven and continue to tighten the 4 screws into the holes on the lateral side of the oven frame.

Now that all of the work is complete and you are satisfied with the installation, you can enjoy the benefits of having a beautiful new built-in oven in your kitchen.

If you need help designing a cabinet to hold your oven, Trends Wood Finishing in Oakville Ontario is available to assist you.  We can build you cabinets from scratch in our Oakville Cabinet Shop, or refinish or reface any cabinets you may have.

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