November 30, 2015

Your newly renovated kitchen is everything you ever wanted it to be. You chose every design aspect from the flooring to the countertops and beautiful wood cabinets. Yes, those amazing, beautiful wood cabinets. It was a huge investment, one that you want to protect and keep for a long time. So what should you avoid to protect those beautiful wood cabinets?

Humidity and temperature can greatly affect the health of your wood cabinets. Repeated, even short-term exposure to excessive moisture from sink splashes, leaky pipes or even a sudden flood will cause irreversible damage to wood cabinets. Steam created from cooking pots, kettles and dishwashers can also result in damage to the wood surfaces. If this happens, dry out the affected areas immediately using fans and dehumidifiers as well as blotting the moisture with a cloth.

Humidity can also cause damage to your cabinets. Humidity causes the wood to expand as it absorbs moisture. Excessive and prolonged humidity can cause the wood to warp or bow. Conversely, extremely dry conditions can result in splits or cracks in the wood as well as shrinkage. To avoid problems caused by humidity or dry conditions keep your room at the optimal humidity level of 35% to 50% relative humidity.

Cabinet Oven Damage

Stoves and ovens can also cause damage to cabinets. Steam from pots and extreme heat from elements and ovens can stress your wood cabinets and damage them. Smoke from cooking can cause discolouration of the cabinet surfaces. It’s important therefore that you always use your stove exhaust fan. The fan will draw the heat and moisture out of the room and away from your cabinets. If you find your exhaust fan isn’t enough to draw heat and moisture away from your cabinets you can also open a window in your kitchen to create greater ventilation for smoke and heat.

Unwelcome pests such as rodents and insects can also threaten the health of your cabinets. At the first sign of an infestation, be sure to contact a reputable pest removal company to have these unwelcomed guests removed from your home.

Cabinet Damage from Sunlight

Another thing to consider is damage caused by direct sunlight. If your kitchen has direct sunlight coming through a window and falling on your cabinets you will need to install curtains or blinds to protect your cabinets from possible damage caused by the direct sunlight. Direct sunlight can darken natural wooden surfaces and fade finished surfaces.

Keeping your cabinets clean will also extend their life. Be vigilant about wiping away spills and splatters especially food and grease spills that can and will happen in your new kitchen. Do not use harsh cleaners or abrasives on your cabinets. These can harm the finish of your cabinets. Instead, use a clean damp cloth and a small amount of dishwashing liquid. If you wipe down your cabinets immediately after a spill or splatter they will wipe clean easily.

With a little care and vigilance, your new kitchen cabinets will remain beautiful for a very long time. If they are damaged, have no fear, Cabinet Refinishing, or Cabinet Refacing may be the trick to have your cabinets looking beautiful again. With Cabinet Refinishing, we strip the existing finish and apply a new finish based on your desires. Cabinet Refacing means we replace the front of your cabinets. For additional pointers on your kitchen cabinets, feel free to contact Trends Wood Finishing.

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