October 22, 2019

The kitchen, for most of us, is the room of our home that gets the most use. We make meals, do our dishes, and it’s often the room where all the best conversations take place. Eventually though, your kitchen will need some updating, and the cabinets can be the one piece that makes a huge difference. If you’re thinking of changing up your cupboards, you can decide to replace, reface or refinish them for a new look. Not sure which one of those is best for you and your home? Here’s how to know which option is right for you.

Cabinet Refinishing

In this option, you take down the cupboard doors, sand and stain them in a different finish or you could decide to paint the wood a solid colour. Either way, this will give your existing cabinets a whole new look, and your kitchen look completely different with just a little bit of work. This option is ideal for those who are on a strict budget or are just looking to do some cosmetic changes without major renovations. Something to note, though,: if you decide to full on paint your cupboards you will need to wipe them down consistently as paint has texture to it and it will hold any grease or grime that comes up against it. Painted cupboards look nice, but they will require a little more work.

Kitchen Cabinet Door Refacing

This option is a little more work than just refinishing them. It involves keeping the shelving components of your cupboards but changing out the doors and hardware to give a completely different look. This option gives you the ability to have a completely different look without the price tag of totally replacing the entire cabinet. The challenge, though, is making sure you find new doors with the same finish as the existing cupboards (or at least the parts you’ll see) as it will be incredibly obvious if they’re different finishes. In order for this option to work, you have to make sure the framework of the existing cupboards isn’t compromised and is structurally secure to the wall. This option will be slightly more expensive than refinishing, but not as expensive as completely replacing them.

Replacing Your Cabinets

Sometimes the kitchen has seen so much wear and tear that refinishing or refacing the cabinets just isn’t an option. Over the years, there could be water damage or they may be just starting to come apart and you really just need to completely start from scratch on the cupboards. You can replace all of them as they are set up now, or take this opportunity to redesign your kitchen and put the cupboards in a new set up.

At Trends Wood Finishing, we are happy to serve customers in Oakville, Mississauga, Brampton and the rest of the GTA with their kitchen cupboard renovations. No matter which option you are looking to perform, we can help make sure your new kitchen looks amazing!

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