May 8, 2017

Bathrooms, by their very nature, are full of clutter. Whether its extra bottles of shampoo, tweezers, moisturizers, or a months supply of toilet paper there is a lot that we need to keep in our bathrooms. Bathrooms are also generally very small and finding places to keep all of your clutter can be challenging.

Modern style bathrooms especially are all about smooth lines and a minimalist-looking fittings. We are increasingly using sensors to turn on lights, flush toilets and activate taps, using chainless plugs and mixing taps instead of two separate ones, so an amount of clutter like bottles, lotions and hygiene products goes against the style of your bathroom.

Another downside to having a cluttered bathroom is that for those with children, there are a number of dangers. Children having access to bathroom substances – from shampoo and conditioner, all the way to cleaning chemicals, razors or other accessories – can put their safety at risk and possibly run the risk of inappropriate usage.

Custom Built Cabinets

An excellent solution to the problem of excess clutter in the bathroom is in the use of a bathroom cabinet. You can get one that is custom built to match perfectly the look and style of your bathroom, blending in with the other furniture and accentuating the overall look.

As your cabinet is custom built you not only have the chance to create your unique style but also size, storage method and storage amount, to accommodate the amount and style of your `clutter`. This means that there is space and a place for everything, leaving nothing `un-stored`.

Cabinet Materials for your Bathroom

The materials that you use to create your custom built cabinet depends on two main factors. Firstly, you need a material which behaves well in a warm, moist environment, and secondly you will want something that matches or fits in.

A wooden custom built bathroom cabinet may seem like a bad idea, as wood is notorious for not coping well in damp, warm air. However, there are now a whole range of paints, varnishes and treatments which protect the wood and will keep your bathroom cabinet looking great and maintaining its quality.

Benefits of Wooden Cabinets

One of the main benefits of wooden cabinets is that there are an infinite number of designs, colours and finishes that are available. This gives you a great amount of flexibility in its design, – ranging from super modern, to old and traditional, creating the perfect bathroom cabinet for you.

There are of course other materials which also work well, but none that are as flexible, elegant, and reliable as wood.

Having an organized bathroom is essential both in terms of safety, hygiene and visually, and a custom made wooden bathroom cabinet is the ideal way to achieve this. It can be perfectly matched to other bathroom furniture and create exactly the amount of storage space that you require as well as in the dimensions that you want.

For more information about custom made wooden furniture and wooden finishing, get in touch with Trends Wood Finishing today. For over 25 years we have been building, refacing and refinishing both kitchen and bathroom cabinetry in the Oakville area.

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