December 9, 2015

If your cabinets have seen better days or even if your cabinets are brand new, the idea of lining them isn’t. Do you need to line your cabinets to protect them from moisture or getting scratched? And is lining your cabinets considered the sanitary thing to do?

The Ghost of Vinyl Past

Many of us can remember mac-tac. This was the vinyl adhesive shelve liner that was widely used for decades leading up to a gentler time for cabinets and cupboards. While you may think that shelf liners have had their day, there is a resurgence of product out there, breathing new life into this trend. Your choices now are better and more varied. Not to mention, easier on the eye.

In defence of that horrid vinyl, sticky shelve paper, it did keep moisture away from the cabinet’s wood. It likely helped things slide better on shelves and quite possibly made cabinets and cupboards easier to clean. Just don’t try to remove it after several years. That old vinyl shelf lining might have done more damage than good. The adhesive left behind is nearly impossible to remove without harsh chemicals. Chemicals that aren’t likely intended for your wood cabinets. Vinyl liners can shrink and curl, regardless of whether they are stuck down or put in place. This is one of those instances where you get what you pay for.

Rubber Shelf Liners

Today’s shelve liner is a new animal. It’s more versatile and made from a variety of materials. It’s easily installed and removed and comes in an array of designs to suit any decor. Shelf paper can indeed protect your cabinets from moisture. How many times have you had a bottle of liquid spill and go unnoticed? Dishes are often put away with moisture on them, and over the years, this moisture can damage the finish on your cabinets. Lining your cabinets with a rubber-based product will protect them from the damage that sharp and heavy objects can make. Rubber liners are great for providing a cushion for your fine glass, crystal and china. Rubber liners can be easily removed and washed. Most are dishwasher safe. These rubber liners, however, can be frustrating as they don’t allow objects to slide.

Other Shelf Liners

Liners for cabinets can also be made of cork, silicone and acrylic. Some of the best cabinet liners are made from old wallpaper. Don’t use the self-adhesive kind. Wallpaper is sturdy, decorative and cost-effective.

If you’ve decided to line your shelves to give them that extra protection, your goal will be to find one that cushions but allows your dishes to move freely, that doesn’t shift and bunch up and doesn’t cost more than your cabinets. Remember that lining your cabinets shouldn’t replace the kind of protection against germs and bacteria that simply cleaning the inside of your cabinets does.

Cabinet liners are great for new cabinets, however, if your cabinets are already damaged, liners won’t help much. If you’re looking into getting new cabinets or refinishing your current ones, Contact Trends Wood Finishing. We’ll make sure to provide you with cabinets that suit you and your home’s needs.

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