November 5, 2018

Everyone knows that one of our favourite spaces in the house is the kitchen. It has been described as the heart of the home. The kitchen is the room where everyone tends to gather whether it’s friends, family or guests, but don’t forget about showing off your personality.

There are many ways for you to inject a style factor in your kitchen that will show off your personality. From extensive details like countertops, custom cabinets, appliances, paint colour or furnishing, you can make it your own. With a little imagination and some innovative styling, you can softly steer this room toward a look filled with posh and personality.

Colours & Patterns

Once you’ve chosen your new kitchen cabinetry, start thinking about how to introduce colour, pattern, texture or style that you love and build the whole kitchen’s scheme around it.

You can inject personality into your space using wall or kitchen floor tiles in your favourite colour or pattern. If you have gone for a strong pattern on the walls, keep the worktops clean and simple. The same applies for shiny and matt: always put a high-shine surface next to a matt one to prevent it looking too over the top.


A table is a fantastic starting point for a new kitchen design. If you already have a stunning dining table, you should factor it into your layout from the start. A good design should work with the style of the table, so try highlighting the material or colour with new cabinetry or worktops. This can even extend to the window dressings in the kitchen as well.

You can highlight and make a focal point of the table with attractive, low-hung pendant lighting and good looking dining chairs. For a real distinction in your personality style, a carefully selected mix-matched set of chairs can look amazing. They will boldly say that this room is me!

Eye-Catching Lighting

One of the easiest ways to add a design feature is with distinctive kitchen lighting. As the kitchen is now a multi-functional, family space, it’s essential to layer practical task lighting with decorative ambient lighting.

Overhead lighting is necessary, so add low pendants and wall lights where possible. You can find some fantastic lighting at street stores, lighting specialists, antique fairs and reclamation yards to find your perfect style. Go for something that looks great and makes you smile.

Make It Yours

With a little creativity and imagination, you can turn your kitchen into a reflection of your style and personality. It will be a place to call your own and enjoyed by everyone, so take the plunge and design your space with you in mind.

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