February 8, 2016

If your kitchen shows signs of ageing, giving it a makeover is one of the best bang-for-your-buck projects that you can undertake to bring it back to life. With some rudimentary skills, it’s possible for you to dramatically change the look of your kitchen without a costly overhaul. Even a few fundamental changes that you do over time can yield big results that are incredibly effective and personally rewarding.

For homeowners on a tight budget, many fast fixer-uppers can be done to give a kitchen a fresh, updated look without breaking the bank. If you consider yourself a warrior who’s prepared to tackle a makeover, here are some suggestions to create pizzazz in your kitchen.


Nothing improves that look of a kitchen more than freshly painted walls. Adding a new coat of paint is one of the easiest and most economical ways to change the overall appearance of your kitchen.  It will do wonders for transforming your old, tired looking room into a rejuvenated setting. When considering paint colours, choose a neutral tone for longevity and its ability to make the room appear larger to highlight its aesthetic appeal.


1. If your kitchen has old-fashioned wooden cabinets, you can dramatically alter their look by painting them. It is usually inexpensive, and it can be done in a relatively short period. You can either refurbish your cabinets with a dramatic and bold accent against soft hue walls, or the cabinets can have an understated tone as a carry-over effect. However, the trick to beautiful cabinets is in the preparation of the surface. Select a paint that is a semi-gloss/gloss alkyd paint that will be easy to clean and repel stains.

2. Another option you can consider is to reface your old cabinets. This method is more expensive but considerably less costly than replacing all of the cabinets. Refacing can make cabinets look brand new by removing the door and drawer fronts and replacing them with a veneer or pre-finished wood. The choices are endless in whatever style and finish you prefer. You can even add moulding or trim for an added touch of elegance.


Hardware has been called the jewelry of your kitchen, so for a quick and easy transformation, grab your screwdriver and get rid of the worn and outdated items.

New hardware can make a huge impact on the overall look and feel of your room. Replace old cabinet knobs, pulls and hinges for an instantaneous alteration. The options are infinite, so let the personality of your kitchen be your guide when making your selection.


Since replacing flooring can be a costly endeavour, adding large area rugs can give your kitchen that added spark for brightening up your room. However, if you can budget for a new floor, you can purchase inexpensive vinyl flooring or a most expensive material if your kitchen area is small. You can also consider covering your old flooring with a new thin underlayment backer-board for a clean, fresh start and install porcelain tiles that are permanently bonded to interlocking trays. They snap together after they are laid down properly and grouted in place.


1. Changing your sink faucet with a modern, sleek, up-to-date design is an affordable, fast and easy way to spruce up the look of your kitchen. Select a solid metal faucet because it’s heavier and more durable and will look great over time.

2. Improve and transform your kitchen with new light fixtures. You can find all sorts of styles in a variety of price ranges. Choose ceiling-mount fixtures for ambient lighting and under-cabinet fluorescent fixtures for task work in the kitchen. Modern-day lighting will not only brighten up your room, it will enhance your kitchen’s features.

Spruce It Up

There are endless possibilities for transforming your outdated kitchen with easy-to-fix solutions for a revitalized appearance. By updating your kitchen with a little imagination, you can give it a fashionable look at an affordable price.

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