April 17, 2018

With all its small appliances, utensils and food items, your kitchen can quickly become a room where space is at a premium.

In these cases, innovative solutions come to the rescue! Here are five of the most popular kitchen store trends.

Pull Out Cabinets

Pull out cabinets are a great way to maximize every cubic inch of kitchen storage space. Previously unused places like between your range and counters or between two appliances can be great locations for pull out cabinets!

Besides adding extra storage space, pull out cabinets provide easier access to kitchen items while streamlining the cooking process. Plus, they save you from bending down each time and reaching to the back of cupboards.

Even better are the potential cost-savings of installing pull out cabinets. By quickly being able to see everything that you own in your kitchen, you will eliminate purchasing items that were lost in the back of traditional cabinets!

Kitchen Corner Cabinets Featuring Rotating Corner Trays

Kitchen corners are a common spot that features unutilized storage space.

Make corners go to good use by installing custom cabinets that feature a Lazy Susan or a “lemans.” Not only will these revolving corner trays increase your cupboard’s capacity, but it will keep your items well organized and easily accessible, too.

Corner cabinets add a creative flair to your kitchen corners while keeping a consistent look to the room. Other uses include using kitchen corner cabinets for storing large appliances, pull out recycling baskets or shelving.

Freestanding Pantry Cabinets

Freestanding pantry cabinets are a great kitchen storage solution that doesn’t need to break your budget!

Lots of freestanding pantries now come with extra counter space that can be used for meal prepping or small appliance storage. Cheaper than custom cabinetry, freestanding pantry cabinets also come with the ability to relocate them if needed.

Install an efficient shelving system within your pantry cabinet to save more money and time while working in your kitchen!

Utensil Organizers

The utensil drawer is often the area requiring the most attention when it comes to organization. It’s a good thing that there are so many clever ways to make this drawer work better for you!

Use drawer organizers to store large utensils diagonally, making more efficient use of the space. The interior of cupboard doors can be used to attach utensils with a hook system. Even better? Install a pull-out cabinet that features bins for holding spoons, whisks and more!

Built-In Wine Bar

Keep your wine collection handy but hidden using a cabinet for a built-in wine bar.

Install a built-in wine storage into an underused area of your kitchen such as a corner or a gap between appliances. Wine bottle storage is an excellent solution for space at the end of a countertop that isn’t quite big enough for a traditional cabinet. A trendy look is created when open shelving is used, enabling you to view your wine collection!

Finding innovative storage solutions is the key to properly utilizing your kitchen! For more kitchen organization tips, contact the professionals at Trends Wood Finishing.

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