June 8, 2016

Now that spring is finally here, you may want to consider spring cleaning the one room that probably works harder and used more than any other room in the house, your kitchen. After all the use your kitchen endured during the winter months, your kitchen is ready for a deep cleaning.

Before you anticipate all the fun foods and work that will come out of your kitchen in the upcoming summer season, now is the time to tackle cleaning out the kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinets Clean Down

The kitchen cabinets probably harbour dirt, dust, leftover boxes seldom used or out of date. The cabinets need a good clean out and wipe down, so they should be the first item on your list.

  • Remove everything from cabinets and sort trash, donate, keep
  • Dust tops of cabinets
  • Using a clean rag and mild soapy water to clean inside cabinet shelves and doors
  • Wipe down and disinfect knobs
  • Neatly place back items in cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets Refacing

In addition to the cleanout, you may want to think about updating your cabinets for a fresh new look with cabinet refacing. Cabinet refacing is a great alternative to completely replacing your older kitchen cabinets.

Refacing gives you the opportunity to re-dress the cabinets for a more aesthetic appeal without the time and money required for a major renovation. This technique will enhance your kitchen’s appearance and increase the resale value of your home in an aging space.

Kitchen Drawers

Over the past year, you’ve probably thrown all sorts of stuff into the drawers and forgotten what’s there, so now is the time to purge and clear them out.

  1. Remove everything from drawers and sort trash, donate, keep. Use mild soapy water to wipe down the insides and face of drawers.
  2. Use mild soapy water to wipe down the insides and face of drawers.
  3. Replace drawer liners and add organizers if needed
  4. Neatly replace drawer contents
  5. Wipe down and disinfect knobs

Of all the places in the kitchen where most of the mess occurs, the fridge and freezer takes the brunt of it. From leftovers to food spills, the fridge and freezer ends up looking like a disaster zone.

Fridge & Freezer

  1. Take everything out and toss any items that have expired, show freezer burn or anything else that is taking up space and won’t get used
  2. Remove the shelves and fresh produce drawers and wash them down with warm soapy water
  3. Wipe down the outsides of food containers
  4. Wipe down outside of fridge and disinfect handles

Now is a good time to give your oven, stove top and countertops some attention too, especially the countertops because they are always visible and show the most clutter.

Oven-Stove Top-Countertops

  • Clean inside and outside of oven door
  • Put on self-cleaning function
  • Wipe down stove top, knobs, and grates with a sponge and soapy water or degreasing
  • product
  • Clean out crumb tray from toaster
  • Store any appliances that aren’t used often
  • Clean microwave
  • Clean countertops and backsplashes with soapy water
  • If you have granite countertops, reseal them again for another year

Finishing Touches

Last, but not least, is your dishwasher and sink. Both items take a beating on a daily basis so now is a good time to scrub them down, rinse them thoroughly and make them clean, disinfected and shiny. If you take this opportunity during the spring time to clean out the kitchen, you’ll feel confident that the kitchen is ready for another next twelve months of optimum functionality!

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