January 12, 2023

You spent so much time and invested a lot of money on renovating your kitchen, including refinishing or refacing the cabinets. When you’ve invested in your Oakville home, you want to make sure you can keep it as beautiful as you can for a long time. Here are some tips on keeping your cabinets looking their best.

Reduce Kitchen Moisture

Naturally, kitchens are hot and humid from all the cooking and dishwashing. If you have wood cabinets, too much moisture can cause them to warp over time which means they won’t look as nice as they could.

To alleviate the amount of moisture your kitchen is exposed to, practice the following:

  • Avoid hanging wet or damp dish towels over a cabinet door.
  • Clean up spills as soon as possible, and don’t let them settle into counters or cabinet surfaces.
  • Don’t place damp dishes or utensils into drawers or cabinets. Sometimes, when emptying out the dishwasher, we will put items away that are still a little wet. If possible, try to ensure everything is completely dry before putting it away.

Regularly Clean your Cabinets

You may be thinking that you do regularly clean your kitchen, but how often do you wipe down your cabinets? Grease and other debris from cooking often splatter onto the doors and bottoms of the cabinets without you realizing it. If you want to keep your cabinets looking brand new, try to keep up with wiping the grime, grease and even sticky fingerprints off of the cabinets from day-to-day use.

Use Non-Abrasive Cleaning Products

If you choose abrasive cleaning products, they can damage the finish on your cabinets and cause it to wear down prematurely or even peel off. You will also want to ensure that the products you use do not contain any harsh chemicals, as wood cabinets are often finished with a varnish or lacquer that protects the materials underneath.

Be Gentle With Your Cabinets

How often do you find yourself and your family letting doors or drawers in the kitchen slam shut? With new cabinets, most drawers and doors have soft closing options, but older cabinets may not have this. 

Try to be careful with the cabinets in your Oakville kitchen as much as possible. Being gentle on doors and drawers can make them last much longer than just letting them slam shut all the time. Try to take care when using your kitchen and you will notice a big difference in how well it stays nice and how easy your cabinets will be to care for. 

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