April 8, 2016

If you’ve ever thought about being a wine collector, you may soon discover that you have limited knowledge when it comes to collecting wine. Not only might you have limited knowledge on where and how to start, you must also decide how to showcase your fine collection.

Here are ten tips to start you off in the right direction for starting a wine collection. In addition, here are some ideas for modern wine rack trends to help you display your impressive wine collection in style.


1. Disposable Income

If you’re having trouble paying the rent, consider holding off on wine collecting as a hobby because the cost of collecting does not stop at the initial purchase. You need to invest in proper storage, insurance, documentation, and security.

2. Keep Track of Your Collection

You need to have some order in storing your collection. That means that you need to know where each bottle is located and how many you own. You can purchase software to help you keep track.

3. Invest in a Worthy Storage Unit

Wines need to be delicately handled, especially older wines. Plan to store your wine in a cool, humid environment (55 degrees). The best place is a detached wine cellar that is well insulated and secure.

4. Initial Value Matters (maybe)

Although what is valuable and rare now seeds what will be desirable in the future, the average collector should be investing in wine for fun. Aside from the diehard collector, think about building a private collection of your favourite wines instead of the sought-after.

5. Save the Documentation

Keep all of the paperwork, from the original receipt, the original auction text, the card of the guy who sold it to you … everything. Write a detailed description of the bottle and keep these documents safely stored and catalogued.

6. Appraise Your Collection Routinely

Collector markets can be volatile, so have your collection appraised routinely to determine what sort of value you’re sitting on. If an accident happens to the collection, you will need an updated appraisal to collect on the insurance policy.

7. Don’t Overly Handle

Avoid overly handling the bottles. If you’ve purchased a very old wine, let it sit for 4-6 weeks before even thinking of drinking it because wines are sensitive.

8. Know Your Source

Wine is an easy collectable to fake, so know your source when purchasing.

9. Start Small

Don’t go overboard. Find local auctions, wine collector groups, and informed individuals that can help build your collection to what you want.

10. Don’t Buy into Hype

Keep your focus on your particular passion and what you like to buy, store, and drink.

Modern Wine Rack & Storage Unit Trends:

1. Floor

Floor standing wine racks are the most common types you’ll find at retailers. They are attractive, contemporary, and sturdy. You can place them wherever you need them, and they can usually hold a lot of bottles.

2. Tabletop

Unlike standing floor wine racks, tabletop wine racks are smaller and hold fewer bottles. These types of racks are designed for convenience, easy placement, and display purposes.

3. Wall Mounted

Wall-mounted wine racks are the perfect way to conserve floor or countertop space. You’ll find a variety of styles like carved wood pieces for a modern look, novel vintage design with metal wireframes holding the bottles, or a full wooden shelf holding upright bottles with a glassware rack hanging below.

4. Hanging

Another trend to conserve space is with hanging wine racks. Some models can be mounted beneath cabinetry for holding both bottles and glassware. Others can be mounted and hung from the ceiling, usually over an island for accessibility and visual appeal.

5. Cabinet

A cabinet enables a permanent, closed storage option for wine enthusiasts, from cellar to dining room. These are typically built like a hutch with drawers, cupboard storage, and serving surface.

6. Cart

Designed for both mobility and compact features, it’s ideal for serving at gatherings. They come in either traditional or cocktail styles.


Your last consideration is the material you would like for your style of wine rack. Wood is more costly, but you have the option of many different colour tones and designs to blend with your interior décor. Metal wine racks are more economical with fewer options on colour, but there are a wide variety of modern styles to choose from. Some models combine both materials. Both types have a wide popularity.

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