May 8, 2016

When you’re thinking about updating your kitchen, it’s important to remember that cabinets are one of the primary and defining features of your kitchen. They are the most utilized units within the kitchen that will add ease to your lifestyle and value to your home. Kitchen cabinets make a dramatic statement to the kitchen and the type of cabinet doors that you choose will define your personality and taste.

Some might conclude that all doors and drawers are the same, but in actuality they come in different styles such as inset, partial overlay and full overlay. Since choosing cabinet doors is one of the most important components in a kitchen, you will want to ensure that they perform exceptionally well. Determining their quality is a big factor in your choice and evaluating your purchase.

Kitchen Cabinet History

At the turn of the century, most cabinets built in kitchens had inset cabinet doors with small hinges mounted on the face frame of the cabinet. The hinges were visible around the cabinet opening or inside the unit and noticeable even when the door was shut. You still see them regularly installed today, but with advances in design some additional types have emerged.

Partial overlay cabinet doors are an upgraded version from the inset cabinet doors. The partial overlay is attached over the frame of the unit, which covers the unit fully and partly covers the finished face frame. This redesign works well because more functional hardware can be installed. On the other hand, it continues to limit the amount of useable space inside the cabinet. Although aesthetically more appealing, the partial overlay can still have hinges visible.

The most modern design is the full overlay, or as it is sometimes called, Euro-style cabinet doors. They are one of the preferred looks today with the door or drawer completely overlaying the unit. The face frames have been eliminated when the doors are closed. This current design means hinges are not visible and allows the doors to open and close without hitting each other.

Types of Kitchen Cabients:

Louvered kitchen cabinet doors are also known as horizontal slats. You can see this type of cabinet on windows and some furniture pieces, but they are also used in kitchen cabinetry. The face of the box usually has spaces between each slat that makes them ideal for homeowners who want cabinets with ventilation.  Be sure to check pricing on this style because they tend to be fairly expensive.

Shaker kitchen cabinet doors are very popular because they are a distinct cabinet style with five pieces of flat panels enclosed in a frame made from four pieces of cabinetry. The door is a favorite for its clean, simple lines that can blend into either traditional or contemporary kitchens and offer practical utility. The style comes in a variety of wood types and selections of colours. They can be painted and stained too.

Flat kitchen cabinet doors are fairly simple in their appearance, but they are a stylish option for your kitchen. The look is a combination of hard lines with an uncluttered, almost minimalist form. The simplified style fits in well with the modern-day kitchen. These doors are commonly made of budget-friendly laminate or decorative wood.

Distressed kitchen cabinet doors cater to the homeowner who loves the antique look in the kitchen. They give off the appearance of an age-old style, particularly when the corners of the doors are rubbed off for a vintage look. This style of door is perfect for homes where the kitchen is a reflection of antiquated charm.

Beadboard kitchen cabinet doors are a great choice for homeowners who are passionate about cottage-style environments and country charm. The doors are distinctive with a centre panel made from Beadboard. Prior to the advent of paint, plaster and drywall, this material was used in earlier days as a decorative wall treatment.

Kitchen cabinet doors play an important role in both your kitchen’s appearance and functionality. Although they are all boxes fitted out with shelves and drawers, the style of cabinet door you choose for your kitchen will impact your home’s personality. 

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