May 21, 2020

Custom kitchen cabinets in Oakville are available in every colour and shade imaginable. Although, as you might imagine – some colours are more popular than others – and over the years, one colour or shade has managed to make the top of the list consistently. That colour is white.

In the Houzz 2019 Kitchen Trends Report, 43% of homeowners are opting for white cabinets. Natural wood cabinets took the number 2 spot with 25%, and 11% of homeowners chose grey. Of course, for your own kitchen, you may choose any colour you like – but here are a few reasons why you might strongly want to go with the crowd on this one and consider white.

It won’t be outdated in a few years.

A kitchen remodel is usually the most expensive remodel of any room in your Oakville home – so it’s important not to choose colours and finishes that you will be tired of in a couple years. White cabinets have proven themselves to be in vogue year after year, so you can feel confident that your kitchen is not going to look outdated anytime soon.

White is a good choice for resale value.

While you might not be thinking of selling your home just yet, someday you might. And potential buyers will be looking for a well-designed and sleek kitchen. Since white is currently the most popular colour for kitchen cabinets – and is likely to be so for several years to come – there is a good chance that potential buyers will appreciate them as well.

White cabinets are crisp and clean looking and go well with practically everything.

Whether your style is traditional, contemporary, or modern, white cabinets go well with it all. If you are not using a professional designer, it can be difficult to find paint colours or countertops that go well with coloured cabinets – but white cabinets look good with practically everything.

And say down the road, you have the urge to change up smaller items in your kitchen such as window treatments, furniture or accent pieces. This is much easier to do in kitchens that have white cabinets than when you have coloured or even natural wood cabinets.

White cabinets can help to make your kitchen look bigger.

Because white reflects the light more than any other colour, white cabinets can make your kitchen look more spacious than it really is. This can be especially nice if you have a kitchen that is on the smaller side. White cabinets have this effect, particularly in kitchens, where there is a window to allow in natural light.

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