October 8, 2016

If you feel that you want to spruce up the appearance of your kitchen without spending a large amount of money on it, the best way to do it is to give the kitchen cabinets a fresh coat of paint. Not only does this lend an instant lift to the room, but it helps protect the wooden surfaces and adds to their longevity too. We at Trends Wood Finishing are a leading company in this field and handle wood painting projects of every kind.

The type of paint used will be dependent on the type of wood that has to be painted, your specific preferences, the maintenance requirements etc. Here is some information about painting wooden cabinets.

Choose the Right Primer

It’s important that you use the right primer for your wood cabinets; it would also have to be tinted to the same colour as the top-coat. Your paint retailer would be able to help you decide exactly which primer would work for the type of paint you have chosen.

Types of Paints

  • Standard Latex Paint – This paint is extremely durable, and you would have to use a separate primer before applying it. The different finishes for painting wood cabinets are semi-gloss, eggshell or satin. It’s possible to get a glossy finish as well, if that’s what you prefer.
  • Lacquer & Oil Based Paints – These paints have an amazing appearance. However, you would need specific supplies, equipment and techniques to apply these. These paints have a very strong odour, and you would need strong chemicals to clean them.
  • Chalk Paint – The major benefit of using chalk paint is that you don’t have to use any primer, and in most instances, no sanding is required either. However, this paint tends to be considerably more expensive than high-quality latex paint. Apart from that, the former doesn’t lend itself well to spraying and will have to either be rolled on or brushed.
  • Mudpaint Mudpaint is a new variety of wood paint and is ideal for distressing and antiquing. It provides great coverage and has a very smooth, flat finish. It works very well with a water-based clear coat, and since it has good adhesion, you won’t require any primer either.
  • Milk Paint – This type of paint also provides a distressed/whitewashed look. You will find several recipes for making this, online; and the ingredients will also be very easily available at your local hardware store.

Additional Paint Information

Regardless of which paint you decide to use, it’s best to apply at least 2-3 coats of paint. In the case of latex paint, adding a polyurethane layer on top helps protect the paint. If you are looking for low-maintenance surfaces, use paint with a higher sheen; semi-gloss is a good option. It’s a good idea to use a paint sprayer in the work as this gives a very smooth finish. Of course, you can use a brush and roller to apply and smooth the paint as well.

While it’s possible to do a DIY paint job, it can get messy and time-consuming. For the best and long-lasting results, it’s a good idea to hire the services of a wood painting company for the job. For more information, call Trends Wood Finishing with your requirement today.

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