September 21, 2020

When choosing a material for your new kitchen cabinets, you have several options. Most kitchen cabinets are either made of wood or wood-based material, but that doesn’t mean those are your only options. The material you choose for your new kitchen cabinets depends on your preference, budget and personal style. Here’s what you need to know about picking a material for new cabinets for the kitchen in your Oakville home.


Hardwood cabinets are made from solid wood, so cabinets made of this material will most likely be the more durable choice for kitchen cabinets. Woods like hickory or maple are naturally more durable than others – they are more resistant to scratches, denting and general wear and tear. Softwood, such as mahogany or walnut, don’t stand up as well over time, so if you have young children, this might not be the best option for you.

Whether you choose a hard of soft species of wood, these kitchen cabinets make any kitchen look and feel luxurious. Choosing wood for your kitchens will also come at a higher price tag, and the harder and more durable the wood, the pricier it will be.


This type of cabinet is composed of particleboard or fiberboard and has a thin layer of hardwood applied to the outside to create a beautiful and smooth finish. Technically, you could say that veneer is more of a finish than a cabinet material, but it does allow a beautiful and smooth minimalist finish, with clean lines. Veneer cabinets are generally more affordable than solid wood, and they are very lightweight when installed.

Learn more about the differences between cabinet veneers and solid wood.

Fiberboard or Particleboard

These materials are gaining ground fast for their use in cabinets. They are made from recycled fibers and resin, pressed together to create high-density boards. Cabinets made from this material are not as durable as natural wood, and they are very sensitive to moisture. If your kitchen generally gets a lot of moisture and steam from cooking, this type of cabinet may not withstand wear and tear over the years. These kinds of cabinets, though, are much more budget-friendly than other materials.

Modern Materials

When it comes to modern kitchens, some Oakville homeowners are considering materials like aluminum, steel and even glass for their kitchen cabinets. These materials can give your kitchen a very modern look; however they may be harder to keep looking clean from smudge marks. If your home is very modern in décor, this might be a great option, but it will likely be very pricey.

When it comes to choosing material for your kitchen cabinets, it really depends on your personal preferences in style and what your budget allows. Replacing the cabinets in your Oakville home can give the space a whole new look without doing a complete renovation.

If you would like assistance in choosing the right material for your kitchen cabinets, we can help.  Trends Wood Finishing is a custom cabinet builder in Oakville Ontario.

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