August 8, 2017

What’s trending in Canadian kitchens today?

Everyone knows that the party always ends up in the kitchen, but the kitchen of 2015 does not look much like the kitchen from 1970, 1990, or even the early 2000’s! A kitchen is the heart of the home, and with that being said many families put a lot of money, time and effort into keeping their kitchen modern and fresh, perfect not just for meal preparation, but for hosting holidays, parties and special occasions.

With so much money and time being spent on kitchens today, it is no wonder that the “open concept” living space is so popular. The idea is that your living space will look and feel much larger when your kitchen, dining and living space are all in one big room, divided with decor techniques rather than walls. This provides the opportunity for your kitchen to be showcased from all areas of the house, as a focal point and inspiration for the decor of the home. With open concept comes the popular trend of raised ceilings. Ceiling heights ranging from 10 to 12 feet high are common in modern kitchens, creating an even more open and airy feel.

This design style puts a lot of pressure on kitchen cabinetry. To be seen from all angles of your main floor, reaching 10 to 12 foot ceilings, modern kitchens have an emphasis on kitchen cabinetry selection. Years ago painting over wood was taboo, and showing the natural grain with a rich stain was a very popular trend. However, not only do we see more and more cabinets being painted, we often see the use of two different colours. In line with the airy and open feel of the modern kitchen, cupboards and cabinets are often finished in white or cream. This bright white look is seen in many design and decor magazines and can create a modern look in homes that are both new and old. Paired with a lighter counter top, this clean look is often complimented with a contrasting island or breakfast bar, with a dark finish in either paint or stain.

Your cabinetry hardware is also very important as a finishing touch to a modern kitchen. While silver, chrome and stainless steel are three finishes most commonly used in the kitchen, new designs are starting to incorporate warmer metals like gold copper and bronze as an eye-catching accent complimenting an otherwise neutral colour palette.

Deciding whether to rebuild or just refinish is another important consideration when giving your kitchen a modern update. Custom cabinetry can be the most modern looking option when renovating, because appliances and high ceilings will have seamless transitions, helping instill the clean and modern look and feel. However, it is most cost effective to refinish old cabinets if your kitchen is not changing much from a structural standpoint. Be sure to inform a qualified cabinet maker like Trends Wood Finishing of exactly what you would like, and they can give you the best solution for your needs.

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