May 11, 2015

Mahogany is perhaps the most popular wood for home décor, but that is not surprising. This wood is highly durable and possesses tremendous visual appeal.

Mahogany is an excellent choice for kitchen cabinets because of its durable hardness and smooth texture.  We love how its straight grain adds a touch of class to the cabinetry.

There are several species of mahogany. This wood is mainly grown in Central and North America. Mahogany is known for its red brown color. Because of its durability and hardiness, it is the most popular choice for making furniture and fittings.

The Background

Mahogany wood is hugely popular with builders as well as homeowners. Its popularity can be attributed to its strength and the rich reddish brown color.

Mahogany wood is used for furniture making. It is also used for building boats and making musical instruments. The attractive appearance of mahogany lends a classic touch to furniture and fittings.

Carpenters and Builders

Carpenters like to work with mahogany because it cuts really well. They can sand it down to reveal its attractive grain. In addition, it can be glued well and polished to a shine. Mahogany is expensive, but it has tremendous visual appeal. And it is this visual appeal that makes it hugely popular with consumers who don’t mind paying the price premium. It is often difficult to acquire mahogany. Because of its huge popularity, it is always in high demand.

Mahogany is popular with the builders as well. This wood seasons quickly. For this reason, it is often used during the construction process.

More On Mahogany

Mahogany can be scrolled easily. Scrolling involves making very fine cuts. It is used for various decorative purposes.

Working with Mahogany has its challenges too. This is a rigid wood and it does not bend very well. So, when you have to bend it to certain shapes and curves, you have to do it carefully with the help of steam. The hardness of the wood makes it suitable for certain applications that need horizontal or vertical rigidity. Mahogany is highly durable. It can resist problems like splitting and chipping. Also, it ages very well and maintains its visual appeal for several years.

Mahogany can resist warping. So, even if it is exposed to moisture or other weather elements, it will not suffer any major damage. It is fairly easy to clean mahogany wood and the cleaning process will not damage the wood.

Mahogany is a good choice for making doors. It can resist bug infestations. Also, it is good at blocking sound. As a result if you have a door made from mahogany wood, the traffic noise from outside is unlikely to disturb your household. Doors made from other woods are not exactly good at blocking noise.

Mahogany is also used for making tables. Mahogany can resist water damage and stains. This makes it a good choice for making dining tables.


  • Durability
  • Attractive grain
  • Furniture and fittings made of Mahogany are unlikely to warp when they are exposed to weather elements.
  • Mahogany possesses excellent water resistant properties.
  • It can resist wear and tear.


  • Mahogany is very heavy.
  • It is not easy to protect thin veneers made from Mahogany because finishes can easily react with the adhesives used in the veneering process.

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