August 9, 2021

No matter how gorgeous the finish is on your new cabinets, if your cabinets are not functional to suit your home and your family’s needs, it can make any time spent in your kitchen frustrating and overwhelming. Whether you’re looking to completely renovate your Oakville home’s kitchen or make a few upgrades your existing cabinets, there are a few options you can add to make your kitchen function exactly as you want it to.

Roll Out Tray For Kitchen Cabinets

Do you hate searching around your bottom cabinets to find the pot you want? Or feel like no matter what you do, you can’t keep the lower cabinets organized in a way to find what you want when you need it? Recently, one of the most popular additions to a kitchen is what’s called a roll-out tray. This device is attached to the inside of your lower cabinets, and it literally rolls out so that you don’t have to keep searching around your cabinets to find the right pot.

Lazy Susan Installation

Sometimes, to make the most of the space in our kitchen, cabinets will be installed in corners with shelving all the way back. While these deep cabinets optimize our space, it makes it difficult to reach for things that are way at the back. A lazy Susan can be added into those corner cabinets to make this easier. A lazy Susan is an addition that spins in a corner cabinet so you can bring all items to the front – if you want to – without having to reach for them.

Tip-Out Tray For Kitchens

Not sure what to do with your dish rags and sponges when you aren’t using them? Well, not to worry, there is a solution for that. A tip-out tray is an addition put under the sink area of your kitchen. It’s a long, slender-looking drawer, but it doesn’t slide out – instead, it will tip out with a little tray in there to hold your dish sponges and rags as you need. This handy addition will keep the sponges out of sight when you aren’t using them or don’t want them to be seen.

Soft-close Drawers For Cabinets

While this may not be a functionality piece to add to your kitchen, it’s a great option for all kitchens. We all know that when we’re rummaging around in the kitchen, we can slam drawers and cabinet doors, so adding in the soft-close feature can keep it quiet and stop from potentially damaging your drawers and cabinets.

Making your kitchen more functional, based on your needs and what works for your family, will make it so that spending time in there is more enjoyable, and you will actually want to cook and prepare meals in there.

If you are looking to make your Oakville kitchen more functional, we can help. Contact Trends Wood Finishing today.

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