November 23, 2020

Every home has at least one bathroom – most of them have multiple bathrooms – but how a family uses their bathroom is unique to their needs. If you’re looking to renovate one or more of the bathrooms in your Oakville home, you’re probably looking at the options you have for upgrading your current vanity and cabinets. Many bathrooms have a custom vanity installed that suits the family’s needs at one time, or it may have been chosen due to the bathroom’s size, but what do you do when it’s outdated? Here’s what you need to know about upgrading the custom vanity during your bathroom renovation.

Do you need a new vanity or cabinets?

Many homeowners believe they need to purchase all new finishes and fixtures when it comes to renovations, but that isn’t always true. You have a couple of alternative options: refinished or refaced.

What is cabinet refinishing?

This option involves keeping the vanity bones – including doors and drawers – and refinishing them to look different or more modern than they did before. Oftentimes, homeowners who choose this option will also select to update the countertop and hardware, so everything is more modern than before.

What is refacing?

When you reface cabinets, you change out the doors and drawers for new pieces and attach them to the existing structure’s bones. This option can be slightly more expensive than refinishing, but not as expensive and buying a whole new vanity unit.

How much does a new custom vanity cost?

A new custom vanity for the average bathroom will cost about $2,000, installed for a one sink vanity. Depending on the finishes and options you select – like multiple sinks or a marble countertop – the cost could go up from there.

Benefits of refinishing or refacing vs. a new bathroom vanity?

As much as we might want like otherwise, our budget for renovating is usually not unlimited, so we have to decide wisely where to spend our money. Oftentimes you can refinish a bathroom vanity for a fraction of the cost of buying a brand new one; however, if you’re completely changing the look of your bathroom or the location of the vanity, it might not be an option. The biggest benefit of refinishing your current vanity is that it will keep you on budget while giving your bathroom a completely different look.

Buying a brand new, custom vanity can be expensive, but if you have it in the budget and you really want a new one, then a custom vanity can definitely be worth the investment as it will be designed by you, exactly as you want it to be. On the other hand, if you don’t have the budget, then refinishing your current custom vanity allows you to keep a vanity that functions but with an updated style.

The biggest factor in new vs. refinishing/refacing is likely going to be your budget. When you’re buying a stock vanity cabinet, they are typically pretty budget-friendly. It’s when you start looking for a custom option that the cost really jumps. It’s important to determine if you want to spend your budget on the vanity or if you want to use it elsewhere in your bathroom renovation.

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