December 11, 2020

You love the location of your Oakville home: the community, the shopping, the schools, and all of the friends you’ve made. Over time, though, it makes sense you will want to update your home and make it the most functional it can be for you and your family. One of the most expensive updates you can make to your home is the kitchen, but there are ways you can save money while still giving your home a completely new kitchen. Here’s what are a few tips that can help you save money:

Do the kitchen demolition yourself

If you’re hiring a contractor to renovate your kitchen, you can offer to do the demo yourself so that you are paying the contractor for less of their time. Doing the demolition can easily be done by you and your family – just make sure you don’t take any walls you shouldn’t!

Reface or refinish your cabinets

Installing new cabinets is probably going to be one of the most expensive items on your kitchen renovation list. If the cabinets you have now are functional and provide enough storage for your family, you don’t necessarily have to replace them entirely. You can reface them with newer, more modern doors or refinish them to a lighter or different look to completely update your kitchen.


Are there any projects that you can do yourself? If you are even a little bit handy, you can take on some of the smaller projects – like painting – so that you aren’t paying your contractor for his time.

Keep the same layout

If you start moving fixtures around or want to take out walls and create a completely new space, this renovation will start getting expensive. If you don’t absolutely need to change the layout, and the space works for you, keeping the same layout can save you a lot of money on your renovation while still giving you a new kitchen.

Don’t change the electrical

Does that light switch need to be moved? If not, and you can keep the light switches where they are, this means you don’t have to take out drywall to move the switches, and that means saving money.

Save the tile

Replacing or redoing the backsplash in your kitchen can easily add up, especially if you want a specific pattern. If you can keep the backsplash you have and work around it without damaging it, this can help keep you on budget for sure.

Look for sales

Not everything in your kitchen has to be absolutely brand new to be part of the renovation. Many stores have options for slightly scratched or dented appliances. You may not want one of those, and that’s understandable, but if your fridge or stove is surrounded by cupboards, does it matter if there’s a scratch on the side you’ll never see? Consider choosing an appliance like this, and save a lot on your bottom line.

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