June 7, 2016

More than any other feature, it is the cabinets you choose to fit that set your room’s style and feel. There are many designs and materials which can be used, but amongst the most common are veneer wood and solid wood cabinets.

A significant factor in choosing whether to go for a veneer wood cabinet or a solid wood cabinet is the aesthetic look. You should go with something that fits the style that you are after, but there are also some other factors that you should be considering.

What are Veneer Wood Cabinets?

Veneer wood cabinets are usually made from two different types of wood. Thin strips of one kind of wood (typically a hardwood) are usually glued onto a cheaper wood, which is used for the main body of the cabinet. This means that the cabinet has the appearance of being made from a more expensive wood but is a lot less expensive to make. As it is made from real wood, it can be sanded, painted and stained – just like any other wood, so the cabinet will look genuine and not plastic or fake looking like it can do with a laminate covering.

What are Solid Wood Cabinets?

Solid wood cabinets are just that, they are made from one kind of solid wood. It can be sanded, stained, painted, treated and varnished just like any other wood product.

Veneer Wood vs. Solid Wood – Which one to Choose?

When you choose your new cabinets, there are a number of details for and against both veneer wood and solid wood cabinets. Choosing one depends on certain factors:

  • Visual – Although veneer wood does look natural, it can still be possible sometimes to tell that it’s veneer wood. However, it’s possible that only you would notice the difference.
  • Treatment of wood – Both types of cabinets can have the wood sanded, stained or painted to change the overall look.
  • Weight – Due to the types of wood that you choose, solid wood cabinets are usually a lot heavier than veneer wood. While it may be more difficult to move solid wood cabinets around, a lot of people like the feel of a heavier, solid wood cabinet.
  • Wear and Tear – The wear and tear on cabinets depend a lot on the kind of wood that is used. There are some complaints of veneer wood cabinets warping over a period of time, especially if they are in the kitchen, some other humid place, or if you don’t have air conditioning and live in a hot and humid area. It should also be remembered that solid wood runs the risk of warping in these conditions as well.Solid wood cabinets made from softer wood such as pine are susceptible to wearing down on corners and edges as well as being easily dented. Veneer wood is less likely to suffer from this as it is usually made from a harder wood.

Deciding on the right cabinet for you is a personal choice that comes down to your taste and home’s suitability. By being aware of the factors, you can decide what is best for you.

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